Frequently Asked Qustion's

What is the cost of having my car towed?

Depending on distance from the pick up to the drop off, our fees will vary depending on this. But not by a lot, as we provide very competitive rates. Feel free to organise a free, no obligation quote.

Is it ok to travel with you inside your tow truck?

We would be more than happy to drop you off or give you a lift to any location or spot with in the journey area. We have a maximum of two seats available. But it is ok, we do not bite.

Where will my car be going to?

If you were not involved in an accident and are insured, we take the vehicle to your insurers preferred repairer or mechanic. If that is not the case and perhaps you are not insured. We are prepared for many situations and are here to help you get your vehicle to a preferred location of your choice. You will be ok. We can help you you make a decision if you feel like you are unsure of what you should do with your vehicle. Do not worry, we are here to help.

If a repairers is closed or you feel like you do not have a place to take your vehicle. We can help you store the vehicle in a secure holding yard if it is the wrong time of day or it is the weekend.

We are traveling with a Boat/ Caravan/ Trailer and have broken down unfortunately. Can you tow both the car and trailer?

Certainly. Our truck has been equipped with a secondary hitch to help in situations like this. We can safely take your vehicle on the flat bed while we tow the trailer behind. If your car and trailer have been damaged in a traffic accident it is best for us to asses the situation before we can guarantee being able to tow you as we need to make sure everything is safe. If we are unable to tow the vehicle and the trailer it should not be much of a problem as we can organise another truck to help.

Who is liable for paying costs for storage and towing due to an accident?

If you were in an accident and at fault, then you will b liable for the associated costs of towing and storage. However, if you are fully comprehensively insured then the costs incurred due to the accident will need to be covered by your insurer.

When the other party is at fault, the person or their insurance company is made liable for costs associated that may arise from the towing and or storage that involves your vehicle.

Can you relocate my shipping container?

Our trucks are able to pull shipping containers from up of the ground. We ensure secure and specialised transport for all your shipping container towing needs. Please call to find out our specific requirements and needs as depending on what is in the container and its weight might effect the service we can provide.


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