Car Towing

In need of a car towing service straight to you in 30 mins or less? Towing City Wide has been offering towing services in Melbourne for over 8 years. We are a trustworthy, reliable company with extensive experience in towing damaged vehicles and motorbikes. Our fully licensed and insured team can be called upon 24/7 to handle any vehicle or motorbike accident in Melbourne.

What if you find yourself in a crash or needy situation situation, and your vehicle or motorbike needs to be towed? You could spend hours on the phone trying to find a towing service or contact friends and family to see if anyone knows of a towing service. Or, you could just call Towing City Wide.
Towing City Wide is the most reliable and affordable towing service in Melbourne. Our team of drivers are all fully trained and knowledgeable when it comes to transporting vehicles and motorbikes, so you can be sure that your precious cargo is in the best hands possible.
Towing City Wide has established a reputation for being the number one towing company in Melbourne, and remains at the top by extending competitive rates, exceptional customer service, we ensure quick response times, and professional roadside assistance. We pride ourselves on offering our services for all car or motorcycle makes and models.
We take pride in providing a top-notch towing service and always ensure we provide the best roadside assistance available. Towing City Wide can jump start your vehicle or charge your battery if you are out on the road, or help you change a flat tyre. We are at our customers’ service 24/7, anytime, anywhere.
We provide a variety of tow trucks and various kinds of towing options that can pick up your vehicle or motorbike from virtually any location in Melbourne.
 We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week service and provide a wide range of tow trucks and options that can get you back on the road quickly and professionally.
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 Towing City Wide
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