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Your vehicle can break down at any time, keeping you on the roadside for hours if you do not have an emergency towing company on your side.


Having an experienced towing service provider ensures that you get a faster response to your breakdown needs. One of the things you should ask yourself as a driver is how to get the best tow truck near me to ensure you have the services as soon as you need them.

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Why Hire Us at Towing City Wide?

Every vehicle owner has, at some point in time, required the services of a towing company. Engine failure or running out of fuel is common, especially when driving for long hours. This causes many inconveniences and can sometimes happen during the night and thus endangering your life and your car to theft. Sometimes, a flat tire or other kinds of breakdowns can occur, causing a lot of traffic on busy roads within the city, leading to the slow movement of traffic and accidents. In these cases, you need the services of a towing company. The towing company will assist you by taking your vehicle to the nearby car service center for repair to continue with your journey smoothly. Therefore, it's essential to have the contact details of a tow company because you never know when your car will break even if your service and maintain it regularly as required. Melbourne residents should not worry about possible breakdowns of their vehicles since Towing City Wide company is here to help you. At Towing City Wide Company, we provide all kinds of towing services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Below are some towing services we offer:

Interstate Towing

Towing City Wide

(03) 9626 9574

If you want to move your vehicle from one state to another, you should not be worried because, at Towing City Wide, we offer interstate towing services to help you get your ride over the border and to its destination. You might want your vehicle moved to another state and lack time to drive it there on your own due to your busy daily schedule, or you might have purchased a new car from another state and start wondering how to get it closer to home and safely to your doorstep. In this case, you only need a phone call, and we'll assist you.

Roadside Assistance

It's common for tire bursts to happen while driving your car. Not everyone knows how to change a car tire since the process requires some skills and experience. At Towing City Wide, we respond quickly to your call if you have a flat tire. For people who experience flat tires and don't have spare tires, we tow your vehicle to the nearest car service centre and change the tire. If you had left your spare wheel at home and it's not far from where a blowout occurred, we can tow your car to your doorstep and change it. 


Salvage & Recovery

Sometimes, you might be involved in a serious accident such that your car can't even move a single step. In this case, you require the services of a towing company. At Towing City Wide company, we offer salvage and recovery services at affordable rates, considering that the damage has been done and the car will have to be moved eventually. In a case where your vehicle has not been damaged excessively, we provide minor repairs to make it easy for your vehicle to move to a nearby service centre for checking and inspection of other possible mechanical problems as a result of the collision or accident.

Niche Transport

You might have purchased a new vehicle or caravan and are wondering how to get it to your doorstep. On other occasions, you might want to take your car to another destination for recreation or business purposes, and you may not feel like driving all the way to the destination. In these cases, you need the services of a vehicle towing company. Our company will help you transport all types of vehicles, including recreational cars, trucks, and personal vehicles to your preferred destination.


24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Shipping Containers and Portables

For business people who would like their containers and portables shipped from one destination to another, we are here to help you. At Towing City Wide, we offer towing of all container sizes at affordable prices.


Jump Start

Your car battery can sometimes stall or die while driving. In most cases, car batteries can stall due to extreme weather conditions which reduce the battery's ability to function correctly. Whether this happens or your car battery dies while on the freeway, you shouldn't worry since we respond immediately to your emergency call and help you jump start your car battery or replace it with a new one.


Specialised Towing

When it's rainy, roads can get muddy and slippery, leading to vehicles being stuck in ditches or becoming bogged. Our professional towing company is well equipped to handle situations like these. We also provide specialized towing services for heavy industrial equipment and other vessels such as boats and commercial vehicles.


Clearway Towing

There's nothing as scary as being stuck on a busy freeway due to a flat tire, engine breakdown or any other vehicle mechanical problem. In cases like these, it's very easy to get hit by other speeding cars which can cause even more damage that can become even more costly. When you find yourself stuck on a busy road, contact us immediately, and we will assist you.


Equipment Towing 

Break down of plant or machinery equipment is very common. In most cases, machines will break down during excess hours of work, thus causing delays in completing specific duties. For instance, during the construction of roads and buildings, the equipment used tends to breakdown, especially during intense ground maintenance work. Regardless of the kind of equipment or machine that breaks, we offer top-notch towing services.


Fuel Delivery

Nothing is as embarrassing, as running out of fuel, especially in the middle of your journey or at night. When this happens, you should not risk your life trying to walk looking for the nearest gas station to purchase fuel. You can simply contact us and we'll either tow your car to the nearest gas station or come along with some fuel to enable you to reach the nearby gas station.


Top Towing Services we offer in Melbourne
a:24/7 Availability

Our company offers round the clock towing services in the entire Melbourne area. If your car gets stuck or develops some mechanical problems, you can always call us to assist you regardless of the time of day. We have a customer service representative on hand who will take care of your needs by answering your phone call and will then relay your problem to our driver as we send out his tow truck to your destination for assistance.


b:Quality Towing Services

At Towing City Wide, we provide a high quality Towing Service to all our clients. First, we ensure your safety is well maintained regardless of the situation you are in. Additionally, we have well-experienced staff who will handle your towing needs with the up most of care to prevent further damage to your vehicle.


c:Affordable Services

While customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we also provide our towing services at very reasonable and affordable rates. We care a lot about our customers, and we would not like to put anymore pressure on them while they are in this time of difficulty and need. We offer free quotes on all our services, including all charges so we can ensure our client will be able to budget adequately and appropriately depending on the service required.


d:Quick Response

To ensure your safety as well as that of your vehicle, quick response is very critical. At Towing City Wide company, we provide a quick response to all emergencies. We can reach all Melbourne locations in just 30 minutes depending on the time of day. We understand all Melbourne routes that have no heavy traffic so we can get to your location for assistance.



Our company has been servicing the entire Melbourne area for more than 8 years. This means that we have a vast experience in the towing industry. We have many industry connections with other industry service providers, including gas stations and servicing centres. This means that we will always help you get cheap vehicle accessories whenever you need them if your car has broken down or requires new spare parts to continue functioning correctly. Additionally, we have well-experienced staff who understand the need for a quick response, proper handling of vehicles and all best routes to follow when an emergency arises.



We are a licensed towing company who operate to industry standards. This means that we are bound by some rules and regulations that govern our general contact. We follow all the laid down protocols when handling all emergencies to ensure a quality towing service that meets all the set standards.



We are an insured towing company. If any damage is caused to your vehicle, you will be guaranteed full compensation since we have full coverage. However, due to our experienced staff, we work hard to ensure minimal damage during the towing process.



At Towing City Wide company, we are a very reputable company in the entire Melbourne area. Our reputation is as a result of our quick response, quality and affordable towing services. We usually get many clients from our past customers due to our excellent and timely towing services.


In Conclusion

These are some of the top reasons to hire us. If you are a Melbourne resident and looking for a great towing company, look no further since Towing City Wide is the best solution. For more information about our towing services or any other inquiry, you can visit our website or call us directly, and we will get in touch with you.

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